Hi I am Lisa McDermott and I want to work for you.
                        I love Brevard County.

Save the Indian River Lagoon

Indian River lagoon Inlet Project 

      I am Lisa McDermott .

I am a candidate for Brevard County Commission District 4. I thought I should introduce myself and possibly garner your support. I have some excellent reasons why I think I can help the citizens of Brevard County. 
As a small business women, I bring a no nonsense common sense perspective to the table. As of today, I have been working on the campaign trail for over two years.
I understand the issues that Brevard is facing in our future. I have a staff of highly qualified individuals that will enable me to hit the ground running and get the job done for you. I intend to listen to all the residents, I will answer the phone and help when I can.
       My key issue is the condition of the  Indian River Lagoon. This is my number one priority.
My research tells a story, the real story of our precious lagoon. A little history is needed to explain the real cause and effect that has polluted the Indian River Lagoon.
     Our story starts out  in Canaveral. Canaveral was a marsh area connected directly to the ocean.Worked like an ocean water filter naturally. It also provided one of the best nursery areas for many species of fish. The ocean water would wash in and out as tides changed. In 1878 the Navy asked congress for a deep water port at Canaveral . In 1929 work had begun on the original port project. The port was finally dedicated in November of 1953. The port was used for the fishing industry and central Florida cargo like cattle, citrus and sugar that was being shipped North. This did not effect our lagoon, the water was clear,  fish were abundant, and it was a beautiful lagoon thriving with life. At this time we still had the natural wash of ocean water; in fact when the port was built it actually brought more water in from the ocean.
    As we all know, back in John F. Kennedy’s days, the race to the moon had a great effect on Brevard and it’s economy. The Port became an ideal location to put the larger vessels needed to retrieve the capsules from the Mercury and Apollo projects. The Army Corps of Engineers just had to dredge the port deeper,put a couple of jetties in and add a lock system that would stop the flow of water into the lagoon and the sand that comes with it. This would allow larger vessels to use the Port. The Lock was dedicated in 1965, since then, the river lagoon system has been deteriorating. This was the beginning of the end of our local Indian River Lagoon.
Did you know the Army Corps of Engineers, at this time, recommended an inlet on the North end of Patrick Air Force Base. Yes, they knew then that cutting the natural flow of water into the lagoon would foul the ecosystem of the lagoon. However, the race to the moon was more important for the country at this time so the inlet never happened.
       We are approaching the fifty year anniversary  of the lock dedication and we are realizing just how bad our river has become. The lagoon is now in critical condition! There are no oysters, clams, or crabs, and there is a low shrimp population. Dolphins and manatees dying, and to top it all off, we have had two human deaths attributed to the condition of the lagoon (a flesh eating disease has taken the life of an older man and a child last year). Our Lagoon is now in third world country condition!
       Many local politicians have some ideas on how to fix the lagoon, for example, $150,000.00 to replenish oysters.  Ha! Did you know back in the late 80's the oyster population was deemed polluted. The political solution to this was to allow the fishing industry to remove and relocate these polluted oysters to another habitat to be cleansed for two years and sold to open market. Now that is mind boggling. Fertilizer bans will not work and surveys and studies are not the answer, fix the muck problem, now that is funny.Why not sell the muck after it is dried and bagged. Would make a great garden fertilizer!  At one time in Brevard we had our own dredge for removing muck. We sold the dredge! Money is forth coming from the states in amounts anywhere from 11 million to 23 million dollars for lagoon projects. This is why all the special interests are coming up with solutions. Funding was just announced 20 million for muck removal and 1 million to F.I.T. to study it and make suggestions.   ??????

  We must first, before we initiate any of the money wasting solutions I have stated, place an inlet that is now 50 years overdue. I will work day and night to achieve this goal for all of us in Brevard.
It is complicated issue because of all the different levels of  bureaucracy and government involved, it will take somebody with talent to bring all the proper agencies together, Federal, State, Port Authority, Army Corps of Engineers,  E.P.A., St. Johns Water Authority, County and local city governments. We will also need private business to push this agenda. It will be a tremendous effort on myself and staff, but we can do this. Many of our local politicians and special interests say it can’t be done, it is too complicated and they toss out ideas that really won’t resolve the problem. I find this amusing, it is like saying why even bother.

Sebastian Inlet helped.
Some of the best fishing in the world.
Brevard needs it's own inlet.

                                                                        Here is why!

Property values will go up to 2,007 levels anywhere that they touch the lagoon, in fact, they will skyrocket because folks with larger boats desire easy ocean access. The fishing industry will rebound rapidly because the river is a nursery for many specimens; hotels, restaurants, and small businesses will also benefit along with the marinas, new and existing; they will all thrive. Jobs! Jobs!Jobs! Billions of dollars will come into the Brevard economy, the list of benefits goes on and on. The best benefit is that some day our children can use the river without fear of disease. The inlet will benefit all residents of Brevard, no matter what economic scale they are currently at.
Building an inlet is the right thing to do, it would work like flushing a toilet at every high and low tide and then we can work on the small fixes if needed. I can get this project moving, I am a very persistent and resourceful  person. Another trait I possess is I am all about business, I won’t let another commissioner's vote that I disagree with become personal. I will be very persuasive with the other commissioners and county management, I have met and interviewed all of them. My relationship with them is growing in a respectful way and I believe I will have all on the same page soon. At the same time, many other issues are on my to do list, however, the lagoon and a new inlet is what I will be spearheading.
     Some other issues that are important, and I am concerned with, will include our infrastructure. My job, when elected, is to maintain a good standard of service at a reasonable cost in a timely fashion. I am not beholding to any special interest groups, my vote will always go with the very best and lowest bidder; this is what the people want. I truly love Brevard and I want to get to work to make it a better place for all of us to live, work, and play.
   Currently I am the chair of the business advisory board in W. Melbourne. I have helped  small business by improving the conditions to do business in this town. I have been politically active for over 15 years now. July 11th, we will be getting street lights along the Wickham rd. corridor in W. Melbourne because I spearheaded this initiative successfully. I also had a big part in stopping the land sale in Wickham Park. The land that was being sold was set aside in the original contract with Joe Wickham as a nature trail for the boy scouts and I pointed this out to our County manager.
 Currently I am in agreement with two water projects in Brevard. One is the dyke being built in the Malabar area which will create a large fresh water lake. This will help with our ground water supply and eliminate run off in this area into the lagoon. The other project is in Merrit Island to create a retention pond to capture run off. This is a good thing for water quality for our future.

I don't know everything.
I will continue to investigate with my staff.
I am always open to suggestions.


 I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
To be straight forward, I am asking for campaign contributions of any amount to help me take this campaign to fruition.
Let me hear your concerns and ideas on the Indian River Lagoon and any other matters you think need addressing.

Everyone I speak with agrees with me on the Inlet project, it is the common sense approach.

It will mean billions of dollars to the Brevard economy and it shouldn't cost the tax payers a dime.
There is money available for these types of projects and I will be speaking with our county lobbyist 
to get him on the same page.


Visit my web site        lisamcdermott2014.com    for a better understanding of campaign contribution limits and regulations. You can also donate online here.
Or visit me on face book for updates Lisa McDermott


Thank you
Regards Lisa McDermott

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