Hi I am Lisa McDermott and I want to work for you.
                        I love Brevard County.

Lisa's Events

Good news! Lisa is sponsoring another great event 10
days before the Republican primary.
It is going to be awesome details to be released soon. 

Come on out and Rock with Lisa.
 An all American Day and traditional family fun American style
April 26th at Wickham Park Pavillion
noon to 8 pm.,

It was an awesome day I would like to thank all that helped make this event happen.
Shenandoah was awesome. They will be releasing 5 new songs soon and I believe they could have another #1 hit soon.
Glad I could help them get back out after 10 years.

I would also like to thank Bill Mick for being who he is. 
Yes I still have the ball with his name on it!
Special thanks goes out to David Armstrong for trying to disrupt the event unsuccessfully.

My goal was to have an event that all Americans could be proud of.
I was hopeful that everybody would stop the negative campaigning mentality.
And join together as one solid voice for a better Brevard.  
Video coming soon it was a great day!

Sept 28th and 29th at Wickham park 
A new type of Republican is born.
Lisa McDermott
the Classic Rock , Common Sense , Conservative  
Type of Republican

Come on out and Rock the Vote with
 Lisa Mcdermott

Yes Lisa is not your regular type of Republican. She is normal like the rest of us.This movement to get out the vote in Brevard is only the beginning of a movement to take back our government. A Government by the people for the people. You have to start small with city,town, county government.Then on to the State and the Federal level.
Lisa understands that all are fed up these days with both Republicans and Democrats. 
Nationally the Republican party has been splintered with many small groups all with different opinions 
It's time to come together.
Lets not get distracted with the non issues.

The Concert is going to be awesome over 10,000 people expected to attend.

Rock the Vote with Lisa McDermott
A Classic Rock "Common Sense" Conservative

Lisa will be at the concert both days to meet and greet and just have a great time.



Lisa had a great time. The event was a great success over 12,000 attended

       Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Lisa McDermott Republican  for County Commission District 4
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